The All Veterans Center, Inc. was founded in 2017, by a group of concerned veterans, appalled by the fact that 22 veterans, men and women, commit suicide every day.  The fact that homelessness among veterans was rampant and homeless women veterans are surpassing that of male veteran homelessness.

     Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue agencies know of our mission and that we are here to assist veterans and their families.  We have grown from our starting point in Polk County and we are now also serving Hardee, Desoto, Highland and most recently Hillsborough Counties; with approximately 950,000 veterans and family members.

     Our goal and objective is to provide for the needs of our veterans, helping to reduce the suicide and homeless rates.  We feel that we have a small start, but with additional funding, we could be accomplishing even more, serving additional counties, veterans and their families.



      More active duty veterans, 177, succumbed to suicide in 2018 than were killed in combat, 176.  The Army suffered 52% of the suicides from all branches.  In 2013, the VA released a study that covered suicides from 1999 to 2010, which showed that roughly 22 veterans were dying by suicide per day, or one every 65 minutes.  

     The All Veterans Center, Inc. is dedicated to serving veterans needs.  With that being said, we continue to provide assistance, asking nothing in return.  We feel a veteran should not have to beg on a street corner.  Veterans have served  their country, "ALL GAVE SOME----SOME GAVE ALL".  To that end, we provide all we can to ensure that veterans and their families have a quality of life above poverty level.   Our target market is every veteran and family member, and we serve them all without restriction of residence, or ability  to pay.  This is meant to include any veteran from WW1 to present, their family members and descendants.  Our pricing strategy is simple.  We receive donation of goods and services from the community.  We then give those away, without asking anything in return, to any veteran or family member with a need.


      About one-third of the adult homelessness population has served their country in the Armed Services.  Current population estimates suggest that about 58,000 Veterans are homeless on any given night and perhaps twice as many experience homelessness at some point during the course of a year.  Many other Veterans are considered near homeless or at risk because of their poverty, lack of support from family and friends, and dismal living conditions in cheap hotels or in overcrowded or substandard housing.

     The All Veterans Center, Inc. currently is a service  provider.  That is we provide services to all veterans and their family members.  We currently have on hand for distribution at no charge, to any veteran or family member, non-perishable food stuffs and a complete selection of personal care products.  The future will include distribution of perishable foods.  A full service career center and employment center to assist in interview needs and maintain liaison with local business and manufactures to obtain help for wanted employment.  Additional training and education opportunities will be developed to create a true one stop help and assistance center for all veterans and their families.  Give us a call.  We can help to pay them back with services and quality of life  they deserve.



PTSD is the direct result of an extreme incident or happening, that the mind will not release.  Objects and noises can be a key to the person and their response to the stimuli.  The All Veterans Center, Inc. will have access to professionals available to consult with PTSD issues and their families.  The veteran may be the one affected, but the family copes with the resulting actions.  We are not miracle workers, but we have had good success for the veterans and their family members that we have worked with.  Stop by, see what we have to offer all veterans and their family members.  Make a new friend or two.  Very  Common.

More than 3 million US cases per year.

*    Assist by referring a medical professional

*    Assist in getting a medical diagnosis

*    Lab tests or imaging not required